Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lockdown: Escape from Furnace by Alexander Gordon Smith

Alex and his friend Toby are robbing a house when a group of sinister men in black arrive, kill Toby, and frame Alex for his murder. Found guilty of murder Alex is sent to Furnace, an inescapable underground prison for boys and teens. The boys in Furnace are forced to do hard labor chipping rocks or preparing the meals out of rotten, disgusting bits of animals. They are guarded by the men in black and the warden's dogs - huge, powerful creatures without any skin. As horrible as all that is, the worst part of Furnace comes at night when the faceless men in gas masks drug prisoners and take them away never to be seen again. Although Furnace is buried deep underground and surrounded by rock Alex is determined to find a way to escape, or die trying. He knows that to stay will eventually lead to his death anyway.

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