Saturday, April 10, 2010

Snap by Carol Snow

Instead of taking a cruise around Hawaii, Madison is dragged along with her parents to a run down motel in Sandyland. The motel is located several blocks from the beach so Madison has plenty of time to see town as she walks to and from. Her parents seem depressed and argue with Madison about getting even a new bathing suit. But Madison decides to ignore that and focus on her photography while she's stuck in Sandyland. After accidentally breaking her camera she takes it to Psychic Photography for repair where she meets local odd girl Delilah and her friend Duncan. But the real mystery starts when Madison gets her camera back and finds an old woman in one of her beach pictures - a woman she knows wasn't there when she took the picture. Things get weirder still when the old woman dies shortly afterwards and another person shows up in a different picture. Madison's not sure what's happening with her camera or her family.

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