Monday, April 12, 2010

The Wreckers by Iain Lawrence

John is on his first sea voyage with his father when their ship wrecks on some rocks known as "The Tombstones". John barely survives the wreck and is thrilled when he sees some men coming down the beach towards him. But his excitement turns to horror when he sees the men drown one of the other survivors on purpose. John runs away while the men are not looking and ends up being taken in by Simon Mawgan and his niece Mary. Although Simon claims to be helping John he does several things that make John wary of him. Among others, he beats his mute brother, he yells at John about a supposed secret cargo on board their ship, and John is sure that Simon is responsible for the lights that lured their ship onto the Tombstones. While trying to figure out what is happening with Simon, John is also working with Mary to try to find his father and escape the island before both of them are killed.

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