Sunday, April 4, 2010

Z. Rex by Stephen Cole

Adam is stuck in an apartment in New Mexico when he really longs to be back home in Scotland. His father is a computer engineer working on a brand new type of virtual reality and tracking down the funding for his project. Adam's dad leaves for what he claims will be just two days but nine days later he hasn't come back yet and Adam receives a warning text telling him to find a friend in Scotland and stay away from the police. Within minutes his apartment is surrounded by sinister looking men but they are all scared away by an invisible tyrannosaurus rex! The dinosaur, Zed, is much more than a living fossil. He can talk and fly and he has survived electrocution from the men outside the apartment. Zed Adam and takes him on a cross continent flight to Scotland to find the men responsible for injuring him. Scared at first, Adam comes to realize that Zed can reason and is not dangerous to someone who hasn't hurt him. But what will happen when he finds those that have, including Adam's father?

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