Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Borderline by Allan Stratton

Sami has felt left out most of his life since he is Muslim. His only good friends are Andy and Marty but after a problem at school his father moved him to a private academy where he knows no one. Worse, the biggest bully in school is one of the principal's favorite students so he gets away with tormenting Sami constantly. Sami's relationship with his father is also rocky since his dad is very strict. When his dad proposes they take a long weekend together in Canada Sami is willing to give it a try but his father cancels at the last minute and goes on his own. Suspicious and hurt, Sami does some investigating and finds out that his father was lying about his plans. Sami believes that his dad might be having an affair but he finds out that things are much worse than that when the FBI breaks into his house and arrests his father for international terrorism. Despite his problems with his dad Sami can't imagine that he is a terrorist and decides that he is the only one who can clear his father's name.

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