Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jade Green by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Judith is an orphan who has had the good luck to be taken in by her uncle. She is happy that she has a place to stay but is puzzled when her uncle sends word that she cannot bring along anything green. Judith gets rid of everything she owns that is green except for a picture frame given to her by her mother. After arriving at her new home she hears that a poor girl with no home named Jade Green lived at the house a few years before but committed suicide. Within days of arriving Judith begins to notice strange happenings. Things that she was sure she had stored away are left out. On the stairs to the attic she finds a bloodstain where Jade died. Then, a few days later, she finds a glove on the stairs. Eventually she even sees Jade's dead hand crawling around the house. Meanwhile, Judith is being threatened by her cousin who is worried that she will take all of his inheritance. Trapped between her mean cousin and the ghost of Jade Green, Judith fears that she is losing her sanity.

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