Friday, May 7, 2010

Payback by Rosemary Hayes

This book is based on the true story of Halima, an obediant Muslim girl from Pakistan. When Halima was about 11 years old her father moved the entire family to London. After spending years in western society and learning English, Halima has dreams for her future including becoming a politician. When she starts college Halima also meets a nice man she thinks she could love. Even better, he is from a good Muslim family and she feels certain that her father will approve of the match and arrange the marriage between them. But all of her plans are shattered when she learns that her father has promised her as a wife to a man living in Saudi Arabia. When Halima was just 8 her father had some problems back in Pakistan. In order to solve his problems he had to ask for help from another man and in exchange for his help he promised to give Halima to the man's son as a wife. Since honor is an important part of her culture and even more important to her father, Halima knows that there is no way out of this marriage unless she leaves all of her family behind permanently. But even then there is the danger of her father or the other man sending someone to kidnap her to make her comply.

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