Friday, May 28, 2010

Vampire Rising by Jason Henderson

Alex Van Helsing was thrown out of his last school for fighting. Now he is at a boarding school in Switzerland and is plagued by the same prickly feelings on the back of his neck around certain people that led to his last fight. All his life Alex's father has told him that things like vampires and werewolves do not exist. But while out one night he runs into a girl with the whitest skin and sharpest fangs he has ever seen and Alex manages to kill her to save his life. Although he is still in denial about what he has seen, Alex finds he is not all that surprised when one of his teachers tells him about a secret organization dedicated to fighting vampires and other creatures. They are not surprised that Alex seems to sense the creatures since he is a relative of the original Van Helsing who killed Dracula. Alex isn't sure why his father has deliberately kept their family legacy from him but he has no choice about getting involved when two of his friends are taken by Icemaker, a centuries old poet vampire.

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