Saturday, June 19, 2010

13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison

Tanya can see fairies and they are not happy about it. The fairies have tormented her throughout her life but she can't tell anyone for fear of being thought crazy. As a result, she has been labeled as a troublemaker and attention seeker. Tired of her antics, Tanya's mother sends her to live with her grandmother in a huge, dilapidated country estate. Her grandmother has always been stern with Tanya and she knows that she is unwanted there so she spends most of her time with Fabian, the son of the caretaker. Tanya is surprised when she finds a book about fairies in an unused room. With the help of the book, Fabian, an unexpected guest hiding in the house, and an old woman who lives in the woods, Tanya learns much more about her second sight and how to handle the fairies. But her exploration also draws her deeper into the fairy world and a 50 year old mystery of a missing girl.

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