Thursday, June 3, 2010

Epic by Conor Kostic

In Erik's world people work hard all day and there is no violence. All disputes are settled in the worldwide strategy videogame Epic. Success in Epic translates into success in the real world. Young people who hope to go to college have to acquire enough points in Epic to earn that right. Erik has been working to defeat a red dragon in order to earn his place in school but his character has been killed numerous times. Frustrated with his lack of progress he decides to make his new avatar completely different from every one he's had before. Rather than investing all his money in armor and weapons he decides to play as a girl and puts all his start up points into beauty. As he works through Epic he finds that the characters all relate to him very differently than before and even offer him treasure and items he never had before. As Cindella he is finally able to defeat the dragon but in doing so he discovers that Epic hides a much deeper secret than he had ever imagined.

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