Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eyes of Kid Midas by Neal Shusterman

While on a camping trip with his class Kevin accepts a challenge to climb to the top of a nearby mountain. When he arrives at dawn with his best friend and the two class bullies trailing behind he finds a pair of sunglasses at the summit. Putting them on, Kevin discovers that the glasses are his exact prescription. But even more amazing is that everything he wishes for appears instantly when he is wearing the glasses. At first Kevin and his friend Josh are excited by the possibilities of all the things they can get with the glasses. But soon Kevin feels like he has to be wearing the glasses just to feel normal. And what's more, he finds out that his wishes can't be reversed. Josh begins to fear that Kevin is becoming power-hungry and that his words are fundamentally changing the world. For example, when Kevin says jokingly that two plus two equals three, everyone now believes that's the truth. Josh has to find a way to put things right but he's not sure if it's possible to save the world AND his best friend.

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