Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Operation Yes by Sara Holmes

Bo is the son of the commander of an Air Force base in North Carolina and struggles with keeping out of trouble at school. His sixth grade teacher is Miss Loupe and she quickly captures the attention of the students by setting aside a portion of the room for an improv theater stage. Bo is a natural actor and he finds himself paying attention and doing well in school for the first time ever. When his cousin Gari has to come live with them after her mom is deployed, Bo doesn't want her to intrude on his classroom. Gari is distracted with her own problems, mostly by trying to find a way to make her mom come back home. But Bo and Gari bond together to help Miss Loupe when her brother goes missing in Afghanistan and she loses her spark. With other students they come up with a plan to help their teacher and injured soldiers at the same time.

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