Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Shadow Club by neal Shusterman

Jared has been the second fastest runner on the track team his entire life. His best friend Cheryl has always been second to her cousin in acting and singing. Fed up with never being first they form The Shadow Club with the other five students at school who are also accustomed to coming in second. Their goal is to play pranks on their rivals but in order to divert suspicion they each perform a prank for someone else in the group. At first the pranks are funny and the members of the club are delighted with the ways in which they have gotten revenge on their rivals. But after the first round of pranks things start to go out of control. A new series of pranks start but the recipients are getting hurt and Jared is getting in trouble because everyone thinks he is behind the injuries. He knows that the only way to get out of trouble is to find out who is really behind the dangerous pranks before someone is permanently injured.

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