Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

When they were young Scarlett and Rose managed to survive an attack by a werewolf that killed their grandmother. Although she survived, Scarlett wears the scars of that battle and a patch to cover her missing eye. Since then the sisters have dedicated themselves to baiting and killing the Fenris who prey on young women. When their friend and hunting partner Silas returns to town the girls expect to make short work of the wolves. They soon discover that the wolves are more interested in a boy who is a potential werewolf than in the girls. The group of hunters decides to move to a nearby city and try to identify the potential in order to lure more of the wolves out of hiding. But their efforts are frustrated as they try to figure out what makes a man a potential Fenris and one of the sisters finds herself falling in love with Silas.

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