Sunday, December 26, 2010

Matched by Ally Condie

In Cassia's world everything is perfect and orderly. The Society serves you exactly the right amount of food, monitors how much you exercise, controls how you spend your free time, helps you die at exactly 80, and Matches you with your perfect mate at age 17. Cassia is thrilled to find that her Match is her childhood friend Xander but while looking at the chip about him provided by the Society she finds that another boy's face is on the chip. Like Xander, the other boy is someone she has known her life, Ky. Visited by an Official of the Society, Cassia is reassured that Ky's face was a mistake since he is an Abberation who cannot be matched to anyone. Cassia's thoughts are further disturbed when her grandfather, on his last day of life, shows her two poems that are not on the approved list of 100 poems that he has been hiding all his life. When Cassia and Ky end up at the same summer recreational activity they grow closer and she wonders if everything she has ever learned might be wrong. But how can it be wrong when everything is designed to be perfect?

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