Monday, January 24, 2011

Hero by Mike Lupica

Zach's father is a close advisor to the president and tells Zach that his job is to take care of "the Bads" in the world. One afternoon when his father is gone yet again, Zach has a bad feeling and runs home to find out that his father has died when his plane crashed. Dealing with his grief, Zach begins to notice some changes in himself. For the first time ever he is able to stand up to the boy who has always bullied him. He also finds himself drawn to Central Park at night where he protects women from men hiding in the bushes. Zach feels especially drawn to go visit the scene of his dad's plane crash and when there he meets Mr. Herbert who presents Zach with lots of riddles about his father and the news that he was a superhero. What's more, Zach has now inherited his dad's super powers. Zach is skeptical at first but when Mr. Herbert runs off, Zach follows and finds that he is able to travel the hundreds of miles home in the blink of an eye. Now all he has to do is figure out how to use his new powers before the Bads find him.

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