Friday, January 21, 2011

Prisoners in the Palace by Michaela MacColl

Liza is 16 and looking forward to her first year in society - a year that should be filled with beautiful gowns, fancy balls and many rich suitors. But when she finds herself a penniless orphan she is forced to take a job as a lady's maid to princess Victoria. Suddenly she is a servant who has to please a tempermental royal or else she will find herself on the street just like Victoria's previous maid. Liza's job is made even more difficult by a request to help spy on the princess's mother and her "friend", Sir John. In addition, Sir John makes it clear that he was responsible for the firing of Victoria's last maid after she refused his attentions. Liza must work to stay on everyone's good side so that she has a hope of being made a Lady again when Victoria finally ascends to the throne. But as she finds out more and more secrets from the members of Kensington Palace it becomes difficult to keep herself out of trouble. This book full of mystery and intrique is based on the true life of Queen Victoria while she was just a teenager.

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