Monday, February 7, 2011

Brain Jack by Brian Faulkner

When Sam hacks into a company to get some free computer equipment he single-handedly brings down networks around the world. But he feels it is all worth it when he receives his new laptop and neuro-headset which allows him to control his computer just by thinking about it. When Sam is arrested by Homeland Security for his earlier break-in he just looks on it as a new hacking problem and finds a way to escape from prison. Impressed with his skills, the government hires Sam to work for them protecting their networks from other hackers. Everything is going great for Sam and his new friends until their boss is attacked through her neuro headset, leaving her brain dead. What's more, most of his new colleagues are programmed to believe that Sam is responsible for the attack. On the run from a computer villain that can see everything, the only place to hide is the site of the worst nuclear attack in history - Las Vegas.

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