Saturday, March 12, 2011

Accomplice by Eireanne Corrigan

Finn and Chloe want to go to ivy-league schools when they graduate in two years. But their guidance counselor tells the entire class that most of them will not make it into the top schools unless there is something that really makes them stand out. That's when Chloe comes up with a plan to make sure both of them are unforgettable. Chloe disappears and hides in a basement for eleven days while Finn pretends to be distraught and worried even though she knows how it will all turn out. Although the girls thought they had planned every detail of the "kidnapping", Finn finds herself becoming more upset by the events. Especially when a boy at school is arrested for kidnapping and killing Chloe. Finn is ready to turn herself in but Chloe doesn't seem concerned by the real trauma she is inflicting on everyone she loves.

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