Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pop by Gordon Korman

Marcus has just moved to a new town and school doesn't start for several weeks so he spends his time practicing football in a local park. He is surprised when Charlie, a 50 year old man, shows up and practices with him. Even more surprising is that he can barely keep up with Charlie who loves the "pop" of a tackle. When school starts Marcus just barely manages to get a spot on the football team because they are looking to have a second undefeated season. The starting quarterback is Charlie's son and the ex-boyfriend of the girl who has been flirting with Marcus. Even with all this to distract him, Marcus has begun to become concerned about Charlie. Something doesn't seem quite right with him but no one will tell Marcus what might be happening. When he finds out the truth about Charlie, Marcus is stunned but determined to help despite resistance from his own family.

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