Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Grounded by Kate Klise

Daralynn is alive because she was grounded by her mother. When her father and two siblings crashed in a plane she was forced to stay at home. Now Daralynn's mother seems more stern than ever and doesn't show any signs of mourning for her lost family. She is especially harsh to Daralynn's fun-loving aunt who is getting involved with a new man in town - the owner of a crematorium. Daralynn and her mother both begin working at the funeral parlor and at their own beauty parlor styling hair to get by. But the more time Daralynn spends with her family the more mystified she is. Does her mother feel any sadness about their tragedy? Does she like Daralynn at all? And is her aunt's new boyfriend as wonderful as he seems to be? This is a small slice of life with some really charming characters and a satisfying payoff.

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