Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tyger, Tyger by Kersten Hamilton

Teagan's parents decide to take in Finn, a distant cousin by marriage. Teagan and Finn immediately feel sparks between them but Teagan decides to keep her distance in order to stay focused on her plans for the future. But shortly after Finn arrives Teagan starts seeing some strange creatures and Finn tells her they are goblins who have been following him. According to Irish legend he is the Mac Cumhill, a lineage of men who have fought and defeated powerful goblins throughout history. Finn decides to leave in order to lead the goblins away from the family but before he goes Teagan's younger brother Aiden sees a shadow man touch their mother when then dies a few days later. Dealing with their grief several months later the siblings discover that their father has been taken by some goblins into Mag Mell, another realm where many different types of sidhe live. With the help of Finn and their grandmother Mameio, Teagan and Aiden decide to enter Mag Mell to save their father. What they find there changes their world as they discover just how closely related they are to the goblins and creatures they meet. This book has lots of action as well as a fated - perhaps doomed? - romance.

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