Monday, May 16, 2011

Archvillain by Barry Lyga

Kyle has always been the most popular boy in school and is famous for his pranks. While working on the water tower one night to prepare for a new prank Kyle is showered by space plasma the leaves him with superpowers. While he is still experimenting with his new powers his town is astounded by "Mighty Mike", a boy who was found in the field who also has superpowers and is using them to help save people. Kyle is sure that Mike is an alien who is up to no good. But when he plans a prank to dissolve Mike's pants his machine goes awry and he is labeled as the Blue Freak, a villain. Even his best friend Mairi seems to worship Mike and hate the Blue Freak. With the help of his modified iPod, Kyle's plans for avenging himself go to the extreme. Who is really the villain of this story?

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