Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Cruisers by Walter Dean Myers

Zander lives with his actress mom and goes to a school for gifted students. Although he is very smart he seems to be constantly getting into trouble with the school's assistant principal Mr. Culpepper, largely because he has started his own newspaper with his friends, The Cruisers. The eighth grade students are studying the Civil War and they have been encouraged to learn about it by acting out the parts of the north and the south. Zander and his friends Bobbi, LaShonda, and Kambui are given the task of trying to keep the peace between the two sides. But when one group labels themselves the Sons of the Confederacy and begins "selling" black students in the hallway and writing inflammatory editorials tensions in the school erupt. The Cruisers have to find some way to avoid another civil war while showing how real the pretend racism actually is.

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