Friday, May 6, 2011

The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall by Mary Downing Hahn

Florence has lived in an orphanage her entire life and so is delighted when she is found by her great uncle and invited to come live with him. But when she arrives at her new home she finds that her great aunt is harsh and nasty to her, mostly because she is grieving over the death of Florence's cousin Sophia almost a year earlier. Her aunt describes Sophia as the perfect child but others at the mansion don't seem to feel the same. The groundskeeper hints that Sophia purposefully caused the death of her brother's dog while the maid indicates that Sophia was mean and manipulative. Sophia's brother James has become sickly since her death and refuses to leave his room. When Florence begins seeing Sophia's ghost she finds out for herself just how cruel Sophia still is and learns of her plan to make James pay for her death. This is a short book that contains lots of spooky things and a very nasty ghost.

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