Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Losing Faith by Denise Jaden

Brie's sister, Faith, is devoted to her religion and spends most of her evenings with the church youth group. Brie has lost her interest in church and is annoyed Faith's devotion. Brie does manage to use Faith to get a ride to meet her boyfriend on an evening that Faith is meeting with her group. For some reason on that night Faith is on a mountain's edge and falls to her death. After her sister's death Brie realizes that there are many things she never knew about Faith. And while she investigates Faith's life she finds more questions than answers. Where has Faith been going every night instead of the church youth group? Who are the people on her Facebook page? Why won't Faith's best friend even talk to Brie about what happened the night she died? And most importantly, was Faith's death an accident or suicide? With the help of a new friend and a mysterious boy Brie finds out that Faith was involved in something much more sinister than anyone imagined. This book is an intriguing mystery about what happened to Faith although the "bad guy" seemed a little exaggerated to me.

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