Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Middleworld by J&P Voelkel

Max is looking forward to a family vacation when his parents announce that they will be going to an ancient Maya pyramid on an archeological expedition instead. They plan to send Max to a summer camp where he can learn some discipline. Shortly after his parents leave his housekeeper tells him that "they" say he must fly to San Xavier where he will be met by his Uncle Ted, whom he has never met. When Max arrives in San Xavier he learns that his parents have disappeared from their dig site in a myserious way after activating one of the ancient, and powerful, jaguar stones. Uncle Ted is not happy to see Max and basically makes him a prisoner in the mansion. But with some spying Max figures out that Ted is selling Mayan artifacts and dealing with a very shady man who is a relative of a Spanish explorer from history. Max also sees another of the jaguar stones being stolen and sets off to follow the thieves. When he meets Lola - a girl his own age - in the rainforest his adventure really begins! This is an exciting read full of action, Mayan mythology, mystery, and humor.

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