Friday, May 27, 2011

Miles From Ordinary by Carol Lynch Williams

Lacey is excited and nervous about her first day of work at the public library. Her mother is also starting a new job at the grocery store and Lacey is even more nervous about that because her mother has mental problems that often keep her from interacting well with others.. Ever since her mom threw Lacey's aunt Linda out of the house Lacey has had to try to take care of her mom all by herself. Her mother gets many messages from Granddaddy, Lacey's grandfather who killed himself when she was born. Lacey loves her mother but she just wants a little time to herself and a chance to leave the house so she has high expectations for the day. On the bus to their new jobs she runs into Aaron, a boy from school. She is surprised when he sits with her and talks to her without making fun of her. He even asks to meet and ride home with her when she is done with her job. Lacey's day seems to be going perfectly until they arrive at the grocery store in the afternoon and Momma isn't there. Lacey and Aaron search for Momma everywhere they can think and eventually arrive home to find a chilling scene which makes Lacey question whether she can continue to take care of her mother all by herself. This book started slow for me and it seemed like not much was happening. But as you read along you are slowly pulled into Lacey's crazy world of love, guilt and anger. And the ending - while nightmarish - felt totally realistic to me.

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