Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry

Benny is 15 and has to make a decision about a job or else he will begin to receive less food rations. Benny lives in Mountainside, a small town enclosed by fences to keep out the zombies who live in the rest of what used to be the United States. After trying several unsatisfying jobs Benny decides to become an apprentice to his older brother Tom. Tom is a bounty hunter which means that he goes into the rot and ruin to kill zombies and collect money from their families. Benny has always considered Tom a coward because he doesn't brag about his job the way that Charlie and The Hammer, two other bounty hunters, do. But when Benny goes out with Tom on a job he finds out that the job and the zombies aren't what he imagined and that some people might be even bigger monsters than the zoms. After Benny and Tom are attacked in their home by a zombie and a good friend is kidnapped the brothers must work together to save their friend, find the famous "Lost Girl" in the rot and ruin, and stop the people who are taking part in despicable acts. Rot & Ruin is a thoughtful adventure with lots of good characters and harrowing situations.

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