Friday, May 6, 2011

Saving the Baghdad Zoo by Kelly Milner Halls

Army Captain William Sumner was sent to Iraq to work on saving Iraqi artifacts during the war. So he was surprised when he was asked to go to the Baghdad zoo to see if he could help the animals still there after the bombing and takeover of the city. Out of the 500 some animals that used to live at the zoo there were less than 40 left. Some had been taken by citizens, some had died and the ones that were left were in bad shape because they hadn't been fed or had water in ages. This book tells about some of the animals that were saved by Captain Sumner and his team of volunteers both military and civilian. Once he became known as the animal man, he was contacted by people about animals who needed help in other smaller zoos in the area and even ended up saving lions and cheetahs that were the personal pets of Saddam Hussein's son. Many of the animals hadn't had very good living conditions even before the war and the stories of how happy they are when they are finally cared for are wonderful!

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