Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Summer Ball by Mike Lupica

Danny is the star player on his basketball team even though his is very short for his age. He is looking forward to spending the summer at the Right Way basketball camp where he will get the opportunity to work with real college coaches and players. But his time at camp doesn't start out as expected. Because of an error he ends up in a cabin with boys who are younger than him while all of his friends are staying together in a different cabin. Rasheed, the boy whom he beat in a last second play for the championship at home, is on his team and the coach has declared him the best player in camp. Meanwhile, his coach seems to hate Danny because he knows Danny's father from his days in the NBA. As a result he refuses to play Danny any more than he has to and comes down hard on him all the time. Fed up with all his problems Danny considers faking an injury to get out of camp but something happens that might help him change his mind. If you like basketball and enjoy listening to descriptions of the plays, this would be a good book for you.

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