Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Unlocked by Ryan Van Cleave

Andy is called CJ - Mr. Clean Junior - at school since his father is the maintenance man there. He gets teased by everyone at school including Becky Ann, the girl he adores. Everyone in school is fascinated by Blake, another outcast, after a rumor starts that he has a gun in his locker. Becky Ann asks Andy to use his father's keys to open the locker and confirm the rumor promising him something special in return. Unable to resist the possibility and his own curiosity Andy steals the keys but finds no gun. His actions do lead to him becoming friends with Blake, however. The two spend lots of time together and eventually Blake shows him the rumored gun, even letting Andy practice shooting at cans. Andy is happy to finally have a friend at school but he is becoming increasingly worried about what Blake might have planned, especially when he sees that Blake has blacked out March 5th on his calendar. This is a quick read but it is filled with wonderful language and suspense about what Blake has planned.

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