Monday, June 6, 2011

Death Cloud by Andrew Lane

This is a story about Sherlock Holmes as a teen. Sherlock is looking forward to his summer break so he is surprised when he learns he will be spending the break with an aunt and uncle he barely knows in the country. He is even less excited when his brother arranges for a tutor for Sherlock over the summer. His time in exile becomes more interesting when he meets Matty, a homeless boy with lots of street smarts. And then Sherlock's life takes a dangerous turn when he stumbles across a dead body covered in red sores while out with his tutor. He observes a cloud hovering over the body and Matty reveals that he saw a similar body and cloud just a few days earlier. With the help of Sherlock's tutor and his daughter, the two boys begin investigating the mystery and what they find is the surprising work of a demented genius. This book is full of action and you don't have to know about Sherlock Holmes to enjoy the story.

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