Monday, June 6, 2011

Girl, Stolen by April Henry

Cheyenne is sleeping in the back of a car while her stepmother goes into a pharmacy to get Cheyenne's medicine. When Griffin sees the Escalade with the keys in the ignition he steals the car without even realizing that Cheyenne is there. Although he intended just to steal the car and give it to his father - who makes his living out of selling stolen vehicles and parts - now Griffin faces serious charges. Cheyenne's situation is even more serious because she has been blind for three years so she has virtually no chance of escape. On the positive side, she can't identify her kidnappers so she hopes they will eventually let her go. Griffin is working hard on his father, Roy, to do just that and things look hopeful for Cheyenne until Roy learns that Cheyenne's father is the founder of Nike. Now Roy wants to ask for a ransom for Cheyenne in exchange for her freedom...

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