Thursday, June 9, 2011

Z by Michael Ford

Josh lives in a post-zombie world. 15 years before many people suddenly began turning into zombies due to a mutated flu strain. While not actually "living dead", these zombies were not able to think or feel as people anymore and they spread the virus through bites and blood. The only way to stop the infection was to burn the zombies, a task that was taken on by Torchers. Josh has never seen any real zombies but he does enjoy playing a videogame where he plays a Torcher. Because of his talent in the videogame he is recruited to play a real life version of the game where he works with his team to hunt and destroy animatronic versions of zombies. Charlie, the cute girl who recruited him, also introduces him to the drug Z which allows you to think more like a zombie while reducing your inhibitions. Josh is having a great time but the more he plays the game the more he realizes that there are some secrets that are being kept from him. This is a good action book with a few twists I didn't see coming. The ending is wide open so either the author intends to write a sequel or it's just meant to keep you thinking.

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