Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Crowfield Curse by Pat Walsh

Will has lived at a monastery since his parents died several years earlier. While in the woods one day he finds a hob caught in a trap, frees it and takes it back to the abbey to be healed by Brother Snail. The hob is a mythical creature who can only be seen by those with "the sight" but Will can both see him and begins to care for him. Shortly after the arrival of the hob, two mysterious guests come to stay at the abbey. Will discovers that one of them is a leper and over time realizes that his servant is a member of the Fay. The two men are searching for something at the monastery and with the help of Brother Snail and the hob Will learns that an angel was killed and buried nearby many years before. Somehow Will is now involved in the search for the angel's grave and is being targeted by the Dark King of the Fay. This is a fast-moving adventure that reminds me of the Last Apprentice series. And now I wish I had a hob.

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