Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Flip by Martyn Bedford

Alex wakes up one morning to find that it is six months later than the day before and that he is in the body of a boy named Phillip. He is also living with Phillip's family about 200 miles north of his home in London. Once Alex grips his situation he figures that he will be able to call home and somehow his parents will sort everything out. But when he tries to call his mother at work he gets a message from a co-worker accusing him of being a psycho and warning him to never call again. Calls to his own cell phone tell him that his number doesn't exist. When Alex finally manages to get an e-mail to his best friend, his friend tells him that it is impossible for him to actually be Alex. All of this, along with the time he has somehow lost, convinces him that he must have died but that his soul somehow ended up in Phillip's body. The shock of this revelation is replaced by an even bigger one when he learns that his body is in a coma. Knowing that his body is still alive, Alex becomes obsessed with finding a way to get his soul back into it. But in the meantime he has to live as Phillip while trying to figure out what exactly has happened to him. This is an intriguing book full of thought-provoking ideas.

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