Saturday, July 2, 2011

Horton Halfpott by Tom Angelberger

This book has several lengthy subtitles which you will need to look up yourself because I'm not going to make this heading be five lines long. But one of said subtitles refers to the loosening of a corset which is the impetus for all the subsequent action in the book. Horton is a kitchen boy in the home of M'Lady Luggertuck. Although he only earns a penny a week he is happy to have the job because he is hoping to save enough money to allow his sick father to see a doctor. Things begin to change, however, when M'Lady agrees to host a ball for her nephew so that he may woo a neighborhood girl. From that point forward things get sillier and sillier as M'Lady's son attempts to frame Horton for wrongdoings, a clueless investigator arrives on the scene, and a band of shipless pirates (pirates who have lost their ship) become involved. I was anxious to read this since I love Origami Yoda soooo much. This didn't live up to the greatness of his previous title but it was still fun and had me lol-ing at several points. In particular, I enjoyed the references to M'Lady Luggertuck's previous adventures and the fact that the name of the pirates ship -before they lost it - was The Very Scary Shark.

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