Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Human.4 by Mike A. Lancaster

Kyle volunteers to be one of four people who are hypnotized during the town talent show. When he and the other three volunteers wake up they find that everyone in the audience and in the town are frozen in place. Upon further investigation, they discover that they cannot find anyone on the radio, television or internet. In fact, the computer only shows a screen full of strange symbols. When the four return to the site of the talent show, everyone else is now awake and moving but things don't seem quite right. Kyle returns home with his family and tells them about what he has seen but they have no memory of it. After being examined by the town doctor, Kyle overhears the adults talking about eliminating him and knows he must escape right away. What has happened to humanity while they were hypnotized and how will they be able to survive when there are only four of them? I really like this type of science fiction (as opposed to books set in outer space in new worlds I don't understand) but science fiction is sometimes hard to sell to teens. This is a fast-moving story that's not too long. Another advantage is that the author made it clear what was happening at each step of the way without reducing the suspense. I read it in one sitting!

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