Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life, After by Sarah Littman

Dani's father has never been the same since her aunt was killed in a terrorist bombing in Argentina. And now that the country is facing severe economic problems things are even worse. Her father spends all day on the sofa in depression and the family lives in a tenetment with barely anything to eat. With their future looking more bleak by the day Dani's mom convinces her father that they must move to the United States to start over. Dani is excited about the possibility of a better life but sad about leaving behind everything she knows. And life at her new school is complicated as well. She becomes friends with Jon, a boy who is obviously also an outsider but gets on the wrong side of the popular girls because she is wearing their former clothes that were donated to charity. What's more, her boyfriend from Argentina who promised to love her forever seems to be withdrawing from her whenever she manages to talk to him. Eventually, Dani learns that she has more in common with the popular girl than she could ever imagine. This is a nice story that shows some of the problems faced by immigrants to our country as well as the after effects of terrorism on families. There is nothing too ground-breaking here and it feels to me that Dani fits into America fairly easily, but it is a book that is told well and will appeal to many teen readers.

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