Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Second Trial by Rosemarie Boll

Danny's father is on trial for nearly killing his mother. Although Danny is the one who called 911, Danny feels sure that his father is sorry and won't do it again so they can go back to being a family. He is stunned to hear in court that his father has been convicted of abuse two other times in the past and that the court psychiatrist believes that if his dad is let out of prison he will murder his mother. Although the judge is sympathetic and believes there is danger, legally he cannot help and Danny's dad is likely to be set free within a week. In order to protect herself, Danny and his sister, Danny's mom decides to enter them into a victim relocation program. Danny's family has to leave their home and start over with all new identities within a few days. Since Danny's dad has always been nice to him, Danny doesn't believe that he needs to upend his life so drastically. He takes his anger out on his mom and sister while planning for a reunion with his dad. This is a deeply moving book that presents a realistic picture of abuse and the toll it takes on families, even when they are trying to get better.

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