Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sellout by Ebony Joy Wilkins

NaTasha is participating in her first ballet recital. She has never really like ballet but her best friend Heather has convinced her to join. NaTasha's grandmother Tilly believes that Tasha should stick to things she likes better such as volleyball. Tilly is proved right when Tasha gives a horrible performance, tripping the most popular girl in school. With this problem fresh in her mind Tasha agrees to spend several weeks in Harlem with Tilly getting more in touch with her African-American roots. Her main job is to help out Tilly at Amber's Place, a center for young women struggling with problems. Tasha is happy to help but on the first day she runs afoul of Quiana and Monique, two rough girls who accuse her of being a sellout and trying to act white. Tasha wants to run back to her suburban life but decides to stick it out and see what she can learn about herself. This book is sure to be popular but Tasha's story didn't move me at all or seem very realistic. On her first day out of the apartment Tasha stumbles over a homeless man. Her reaction is to slam the door and ask Tilly to call the police. Although she has lived in a suburb I found it hard to believe that she has been that sheltered or is that unaware of life in the city.

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