Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Storm Mountain by Tom Birdseye

Cat is looking forward to a weekend alone with her dog, Mugs. She has made herself her favorite pesto pizza and plans to follow it by doing whatever she wants since her mom is out of town. But her plans are spoiled when her cousin Ty shows up out of the blue with a plan to climb Storm Mountain. Ty's and Cat's fathers were twin brothers who were expert mountain climbers but both died in a rescue attempt on the mountain two years before. Now Ty has had a dream of his father asking to have his ashes scattered from the top of Storm Mountain and he believes that Cat's father would have wanted the same thing. Cat is adamently opposed to the idea and refuses to participate. But when she wakes up the next morning she discovers that Ty has taken her father's ashes and set off on his mission with Mugs. Cat charges after the two but before long finds that she has gotten herself into a situation she might not survive. The two cousins have to rely on each other so that they don't repeat history and die on the same mountain as their fathers. This is a quick book with lots of action so it might appeal to students who are looking for a fast read. The writing, however, is not good and I found that I didn't really care about either character. There is also a lot of mountain climbing terminology but no glossary. I am fascinated by Mount Everest climbing so I've read several books and websites about that but was still lost as to what was going on at some points.

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