Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier

Gwyneth's cousin Charlotte has been trained to be a time traveler her entire life, a gene that Gwyneth is happy she hasn't inherited. But when Charlotte's time arrives it turns out that there has been a mix up and now Gwyneth is the family member who is destined to travel in time and complete the circle of 12. With no training at all Gwyneth begins traveling and is thrust into the society where she is not trusted and is unwanted. She is also forced to travel with Gideon, a boy her own age who seems to dislike her but is too attractive to ignore. Together they are trying to restore the circle of 12 after the original time traveling device was stolen by their ancestors. The only problem is, they have enemies both in the past and the present and can trust no one. This is an exciting book and Gwyneth is a very likeable character. My only complaint is that several things were left unexplained - no doubt to be addressed on the sequels - but I am still pretty confused about some of what happened here. But I really enjoyed the story regardless.

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