Thursday, August 4, 2011

True (Sort of) by Katherine Hannigan

Delly has a hard time staying out of trouble. She has pulled pranks and gotten into fights so often that many people in town have labeled her as "bad" and now she believes it herself. When she gets into trouble again the principal tells her that just one more problem will land her in alternative school. Delly isn't sure how she's going to avoid trouble but seeing her mom cry makes Delly determined to try harder. She finds that one thing that works for her is to watch new girl Ferris Boyd. Ferris doesn't talk and no one is allowed to touch her but she has a way with animals that fascinates Delly. After following Ferris a bit the two girls become friends, making room to include Delly's younger brother when he starts hanging around as well. With Ferris's support Delly is able to stop causing trouble and is feeling good about herself but she knows that Ferris is hiding a dark secret. This book seems light but turns gradually to something more serious as Ferris's secret becomes more clear. The story is touching, full of moments to really savor and enjoy. One of the aspects of the story that has been a favorite for other readers is Delly's tendency to combine two words to make up her own. That was probably my least favorite part of the book because it just seemed intentionally quirky and precious.

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