Friday, September 16, 2011

Thor by Wayne Smith

Thor is a German shepherd who lives with his human pack. Thor is smart and protective of his humans and prides himself on being a "good dog" - one of the many words and phrases he knows. Thor is also highly attuned to any disturbance in his life and recently he has sensed that something bad is coming. When his favorite relative, Uncle Ted, comes to stay with the family for awhile Thor's sense of dread rises. For some reason Uncle Ted seems to be afraid of Thor even though they have always been good friends. What's more, Ted acts like a "bad dog" and some of his clothes smell like a wild animal that Thor can't recognize. While following Uncle Ted one night Thor finds the exact spot where Ted's smell disappears and the wild animal's smell begins and then he finds a creature chained to a tree wearing Ted's clothes. Thor isn't sure what has happened but he does know that the greatest threat to his pack is now living in the same house with them and that it's up to Thor to protect them.

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