Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Borrower by Rebecca Makkai

Ten-year-old Ian is librarian Lucy's favorite patron. Ian loves to read almost anything but his mother insists that he can only read books that have the "breath of God" in them so Lucy conspires with Ian to sneak other books home. Lucy is further concerned about Ian's home life when she discovers that he is enrolled in a religious program designed to keep young boys from being gay. When Lucy comes to the library early one day she finds Ian hiding there and begins a road trip with him to take him away from the family she believes is stifling him. Together they travel to the east coast meeting odd members of Lucy's family and their friends all while being tailed by a mysterious man. The longer Lucy travels with Ian the more she believes that she will never be able to return him to home without being arrested as a kidnapper, even though Ian pressured her to go with him in the first place. Although the premise of this book sounded somewhat light I found that it dwelled too much on the heavier aspects of their adventure. Of course Lucy is actually a kidnapper which in reality is a serious thing, but I expected the story to be a bit more fantasy-esque and ignore the implications. Unlike most of what I write about, this is a book for adults, not YA.

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