Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Girl's Best Friend by Leslie Margolis

Maggie has a secret job as a dog walker for three families in the neighborhood. She also has a crush on Milo, a quiet boy at school. Maggie thinks she has found the perfect opening line for a conversation with Milo when she tells him that one of the dogs she walks is also named Milo, but human Milo has his earbuds in and doesn't even hear her at first. Maggie's personal life is further complicated when her ex-best friend enlists her help to get back her dog which has been stolen. Since Maggie loves Kermit the dog, she agrees to help and soon finds that she has several suspects as to who the dognapper might be, including someone she never would have suspected! This is a light but entertaining mystery with some good red herrings thrown in to keep you guessing.

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