Friday, October 7, 2011

Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan

Waverly and Kieran were born on a ship traveling through the galaxy to New Earth to restart human civilization. Life on their ship Empyrean is happy and Waverly's life seems perfect, especially after Kieran proposes. Even though she loves Kieran and everyone expects them to marry, she is strangely drawn to moody Seth. Life on the Empyrean changes, however, when the other ship traveling to New Earth suddenly appears despite the fact that the New Horizon should be millions of miles ahead of them. The peace on Empyrean disintigrates when they are attacked and all the young girls are kidnapped by the New Horizon crew. They girls are told that they have been rescued in the nick of time from damages to their ship and that everyone else on board died. Although the girls are welcomed on the ship, Waverly is suspicious of their motives and their story. The captain of the New Horizon, Anne, is also their religious leader and everyone on the ship seems to follow whatever she says is the word of God. Desperate to find her mother and return to Kieran, Waverly leads the other girls in their attempts to find out what is really happening. This is a fantastic sci fi story with lots to think about as well as paying homage to other works. Life among those still on the Empyrean is reminiscent of The Lord of the Flies while life on the New Horizon seems like A Handmaid's Tale. So much to discuss and think about!

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