Wednesday, October 12, 2011

LIE by Caroline Bock

Told from the point of view of several characters LIE takes place after two Hispanic boys are attacked and beaten by two high schoolers. Skylar's boyfriend Jimmy is the main perpetrator of the crime and is in jail. As Skylar's best friend keeps telling her, "everyone knows but no one's talking" - a reminder that Jimmy and the other members of the baseball team went "beaner-hopping" every weekend and everyone at school knew it. The more Skylar learns about the El Salvadorean boys who were beaten, the worse she feels. But how can she betray Jimmy who has been there for her through all sorts of problems? This is a well-written thinker about racism and hate crimes. The characters are well drawn and the author really takes you into their thoughts which allows you to see why it is more difficult to do the right thing than it ought to be. I highly recommend it, although it is gritty and not for readers who like lighter fare or books that resolve neatly.

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